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I think I have all the requirements but still not a level 2 seller

Guest superb_articles

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Guest superb_articles

This is confusing…I read through the requirements to be a level two seller from Right now, I’m a level 1 seller with:

==>52 completed sales

==>43 positive reviews

==>10% cancellation rate (which I believe is low)

==>4.8 star rating

==>And my account is almost 2 months old, which means I achieved all these within two consecutive months.

What am I missing? Or do I need to reach the end of this month before I become a level 2 seller? I thought it’s automatic just as becoming a level one seller is.

Your input will be appreciated!

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You have to be active on fiverr for 2months. You wont get promoted until you’re over 2 months. But congratulations on level one seller… and early grats on level 2.

Your stats:

Member since February 2015

43 positive reviews.

10% Cancel rate (Not good/kind of bad)

4.8 star rating is OK but strive for 4.9 & 5 Star.

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