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How can i get order in my gig?

Guest shiningblake48

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Guest shiningblake48

Hey people,I am new in this place and know a few things about it.I am a person with less creativity,thats a shame for me.When i came here,i saw this is the place for creative persons.

Please tell me what kind of work i can do easily in fiverr and get some real money in my hand.

I create a “google review” gig.But no one order me.

Please just see my gig and #suggest somethings that will help.

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I can help you with bringing in the right traffic to your Gig. I can teach you about the right Pictures to use to catch attention from people who are just looking on fiverr. I can Also teach you how to Describe your Gig so that people are more likely to buy your Gig.

You first must look at the competition to see if others are making money with what you can do. If there is competition that is a good thing, that means people are buying your type of service. Now the trick is to Beat your Competition with my secrets that I can teach you.

To give you an Idea of what you’ll learn.

Capture with Imagery

Conversions through Imagery

Relate with Description & More.

Contact me Directly on my fiverr account: www.fiverr.com/williamw1987 Veiw My gigs and see the Comments that others Leave.

Hope all is well,


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