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Is Fiverr going to think I'm a bad seller?


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One of my gigs is logo design and while I’ve had a decent clients come to me the last few I’ve had to cancel. Either I could agree with the buyer or they just didn’t like my style. The last buyer specifically pulled a $99 to $150 dollar logo off 99designs and then basically asked me to recreate it to which I replied. I would recommend you go buy that logo, I’m not in the business of ripping off someone else’s ideas.

Is my Fiverr life short lived due to cancellations? I offer a 100% guarantee to help push sales and I feel like lately it may be hurting more than helping.

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Guest superb_articles

Well, @forcedlogic, mutual cancellations don’t affect your rating just as @kay2809 mentioned. However, always go to your analytics section and observe your cancellation rate (in percentage). It is highly advisable for you to make sure it’s always not above 10%. This is because, Fiverr has clearly stated that one criteria for you to be a Top Rated seller is having low cancellation rates and they haven’t mentioned at what level it becomes too much. So unless you always have up to 5-10 orders per day or more, try and find all possible ways to see if you can solve the problem of your buyers without cancellation.

In general, you can state the things you are willing to do clearly in your description and also in your message to buyers that you only offer what’s in you description. If anyone has something slightly different from what’s in your description, they should send you a message so you guys can sort things out before placing the order. That will greatly help in reducing negative reviews and cancellations rates because that’s what I do. You can check out my profile at

In a case where you have a buyer demanding more than what he/she ordered for, just because he/she wants to threaten you with a negative review, I’ve heard that you can take a screenshot of your conversation and send it to Fiverr support.

Hope this helps.


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