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2nd Level Seller comes back on Fiverr after 2 years and needs your advice


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Hi everyone!

I made my account on Fiverr back in 2011 and slowly I became quite popular with my gigs and having lots of orders every day. That lasted for about one year and a half, until I had to go to college and I completely neglected my online freelancing, including Fiverr.

Now, after 2 years of break, I wanted to give Fiverr another go and I wanted you guys to help me out and give me some advice regarding my current status and what should I do next.

Even though I was off Fiverr, fortunately I’m still a Level 2 seller, but all my gigs were suspended at the time I left the website, cause I didn’t want to receive any orders and not be able to honor them.

My concern now is regarding the current algorithm of Fiverr. Do you think it’s better for me to keep the old gigs or make new ones? People would suspect something is wrong if they see that the last order from a gig was 2 years ago. I also fear that Fiverr would rank my very old gigs lower compared to others or even fresh new ones.

Please let me know, if you know people that were in my situation and what did they do to boost their gigs once more.

Thanks in advance,


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Welcome back :). If you had success with your old gigs I would keep them.

There is the little introduction in your profile, where you can maybe write a little about yourself…so potential clients know why you were gone for so long 😉 …just a suggestion on my end 😉

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There is nothing wrong in being old on fiver but it is good rather. Give proper time to your profile. Share your gigs on social media. Even posting good tips in forum increase your visibility as I also have visited your profile and seen your gigs. Your gigs are cool. You will get many visits from the forum too. Just be in touch with fiver and you will start getting large number of impressions as time passes slowly.



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@lostsoul26, why not reactivate the old gigs and see how it goes first?

Just a little warm reminder - there are increasingly more complaints from third party concerning the use of After Effects templates here on Fiverr. Either the owner himself or Envato will attempt to crack down on your gigs due to licensing reasons. Just be careful not to get in trouble.


According Envato’s Videohive FAQs:

Q: Can I use an After Effects template to create multiple customized rendered videos for different clients?

A: You would need one license per unique end product and for each different client.

In other words, you CAN customize it with your customers, but for each customization, you’ll need to purchase a NEW license.

See more in this thread:


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