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Finding someone who can publish articles on top 10 popular websites


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Hi there, my request following:

1.you need to have as much as fans with your account.

2. need 500-600 words, seo words better.

3. I will give you the topic nad key words.

4.need to deliver within 2 days.

5. before you published hte article, please send it to me to check.

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Reply to @zitrades: Did you mention payment? You asked for an awful lot in a single requesr. Basically it sounds like you want ten 5-600 word articles written and published to 10 popular sites within 2 days, plus you want to check the work before the 2 days is up. You also want keyword stuffing. For all that you may need a good budget to get people interested. No topic up front isn’t helping you.

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