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Are my gig's well made? Review please! (new seller)


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I’ve registered on fiverr 3 days ago, and put some gigs up for web development. Would you guys mind checking them out to see if theres something wrong with them? I didn’t get one single order yet. Only one person messaged me about a gig, we worked out a deal, he said he agreed with everything and was going to order, them I trusted and started the work (a bootstrap site), but them he didnt order… 😕


Thanks for all the help!

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Really study your competition. Make sure you have thumbnails that make people want to read your gig. Consider video introductions if your competition has videos.

I started just like you, there was a lot of competition. I deeply discounted my services, displayed great samples and gave the buyers a great deal. They couldn’t help but try me. Stacked up the positive reviews and then adjusted my prices as my demand increased.

You will need to focus on 1 gig and get a friend to buy your gig. Find a friend that could use your services. The 1 sale, with a positive review, will kick off your gig. People are nervous about being your first sale.

Good luck. You haven’t missed the boat. Now is a great time to start!

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