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Waiting for sales to get started since 3 months but no success

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Good morning community,

First of all thank you for viewing this discussion.

Myself Balram,I joined fiverr 3 months ago in hope to get some rich experience in my field of expertise.

During that phase(3months ago),I posted 2 gigs and waited for orders(checking gig order every friday-saturday) but no response(my bad,shoulda tried hard).

Then,I came back after 2months and posted more gigs,but still no response from buyers.

So I tried to submit offers via “Buyer Requests” section.

Till date,I have approached 82 buyers(82 offers submitted) but conversion ratio still remained at 0%.

I dont know what went wrong 😦

Plz help me…,am stuck in a void pit with no friends to guide me through.

Any help would be Appreciated 🙂

Thnks in advcance 🙂

Also,am attaching my gigs details(impression,clicks and views snapshot)


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