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Two weeks passed


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i have two suggestions for you. One, fill in your profile. You have it written inside your gig but your profile is empty, that will cause problems. Also, talk more about your graphic design skills when you do that at the first thing, your Pharm degree as second thing.

Another suggestion is you need better photos and also a video. Make 1 minute powerpoint presentation (or however long Fiverr lets you do a video) but make a presentation about what you offer, really show off your skills, then export it as a video file. Videos are very helpful on Fiverr.

I would also suggest that you search many other top rated sellers who do powerpoint presentations and see how they write up their profiles, how they write up their gigs, and what photos and videos they use in their gig to promote it.

Do you say exactly how many slides somenoe gets for $5 and what info is actually needed from them.

good luck.

Also, it takes time to get some orders, it doesn’t always happen overnight.

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