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Fiverr Superman and Wonder Woman Sellers!


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My experiences on Fiverr over the past few days were quite interesting, to say the least.

  1. A buyer ordered my Data Entry gig for $5, then informed me of the scope of the job. He needed 4 columns of information for 600 companies in the United States. Multiply that and we are talking about 2,400 entries for $5. Yes, for $5! I told him it would not be possible for me to do the job for that price. He offered $10 more. Reluctantly I accepted. He then provided the websites which had most of the information except for the telephone numbers. When I delivered the order, he told me I need to research the companies for the telephone numbers. Oh really? Sorry Mr. $15 was not worth my time and effort to begin with. I then cancelled the order. After complaining that I did not fully complete the order by not providing the telephone numbers, he finally agreed to cancel!

  2. Another buyer ordered my Cover Letter and Resume Gig for $5, then attached his cover letter and information for me to create a resume. I respectfully informed him that I proofread and review for $5 and for $20 I would create a professional package for him. “What? Do you expect me to pay you $25?”, and before I could respond, he cancelled the order.

    What can I say? Buyers believe that sellers must do whatever they want for $5. I guess they think we are Superman or Wonder Woman!
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