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How to sell your gigs


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Sellers are normally very disappointed when they make gigs and don’t receive orders. I got my first order after 9 days of registration. That was a charming day for me. Then I came to know that if I complete 10 orders in 30 days, I may proceed to level 1. I was so tensed. I started wondering how to get buyers to purchase my gigs. After a lot of study and practical experience, I came to know the following points. This will help a lot of sellers to get more gig orders.

1 : Your gigs shall fall in the same category. 2 gigs to the design category, and 3 gigs to the data entry category wont make you a good seller. Buyers get confused.

2 : It is very necessary to give a time span that you can meet. Don’t delay the work. Try to deliver before time.

3 : Amaze buyers with options and don’t charge buyer for it.

4 : Present your best work in the gallery.

5 : Always present work that is yours.

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