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How to be on the safe side and avoid conflicts with buyers?


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Fiverr is a great place both for buyers and sellers. What mostly attracts buyers fiverr is the low cost that buyers would not find anywhere else. But this sometimes lead to a lot of misunderstandings. There are buyers who understand the amount of work that should be done in a specific amount of money or time. There are buyers who normally deal with graphic design companies and freelancers outside fiverr where they pay alot and get high quality professional work.

Most designers working here in fiverr are awsome. They deliver their best and art pieces to the buyers. But some buyers normally hesitate to pay the price it takes to design a very good art and that are the reasons when buyer does’t review or gives a bad review.

How to be on the safe side?

Please keep this things in mind when creating gigs.

1 : Mention everything that you would do in a basic gig

2 : Present a summary or example of all the work that you would do with extras.

3 : Write down your terms and conditions very clearly

4 : Communicate to the buyers first. Discuss discuss and then decide and quote.

5 : Present a summary of the work that the buyer will get when delivering the project. This way, both there should not be any point to disagree about.

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