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Hey guys, what gig sells best?


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hello! i’m new on fiverr and still figuring out my own gigs.

modifying, deleting, and adding gigs.

which gig sells best?

i can see that the graphic design is very crowded already …

also virtual assistant , people would rather buy from sellers with existing stars rather than a new one too.

what’s your opinion 🙂

thanks guys

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Guest susanthewriter

pick from the popular ones even if its crowded and if you are good at what you do and with a good image, description, video etc you will succeed. what matters most is quality of your service and you will stand out from the rest.

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@chacharitaa do you in which you are expert … i started in Dec without any review and doing both SEO and web research on fiverr no one see your star people see your work quality. and you will easily get work here. after work if you are good you will get good rating and it will enhance your business.

again don’t do anything in which you are not expert only for get work … Just do in which you are expert.

Thank You

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