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How to make a verified review


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How to make a verified review on Amazon? anyone can help me. I need verified review, but if I pay for the cost of seller request, how about the item, if it return to Amazon, our refund rate will increase. But if the item do not return, we will lose a lot(item cost and seller request cost)

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First off be very careful on getting Amazon reviews as Amazon is closing accounts that are buying reviews. The same in accounts giving these reviews and being paid for high review markings.

If you are going for a verified review… you want to get a coupon code or promotional code on amazon to issue the product for free to the person conducting the review. From there it is custom to ship the item to the reviewer as it was ordered so they can give you a review and have it marked as “verified” on the review list.

This is a safe way to do it, and you should NOT expect a return of the item as that would be a false review given, and Amazon will shut down accounts associated with this type of action(s) as stated in their TOS …

You can also Purchase extra gig expenses to cover the cost of the item to be reviewed, but this may be a round about way that may not go well with some sellers here.

Unfortunately, The cost for the gig and item being reviewed is the burden that you will have to pay as a buyer here on fiverr. Especially if you want an honest review on it.

This can be beneficial for many sellers as the more reviews you have the more potential clients will purchase from you in the end. (Remember you can NOT buy

reviews but you CAN get “honest reviews” by giving the product to someone at no cost. Which can make or break you under Amazons guidelines.)

For me; I only do an amazon review if I have the item to conduct it with. and I produce video reviews for it as well to show other buyers what they get. This has enabled me to get my Amazon account up pretty decently in reviews. and I am honest and fair about it.

Information on how to create a coupon or promotional code can be found at:



I hope this helps.


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