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New to Fiverr - Process on engaging Sellers


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Being new to Fiverr I’m clueless with regards to the process of actually engaging a seller. I was trying to search for a process document or Tips on buying/engaging sellers.

I was searching for a Web Developer, I found one but as I didn’t know what the usual way was to kick-off a project, I referred back to what I was used to - providing a brief, a timeline etc. I sought to get the seller’s advice on how he wanted to get the project kick-started from the beginning which was a week ago. I had assumed that now that he had the files needed that he would commence. I was then told 1 week later to purchase the Theme for my website (again would have been helpful to know that this was not part of the service). Good thing that I have built some time for delays. Is there somewhere I could get information on what to expect from Sellers and what the formal process is to kickstart a project.



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