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Error message, charged for the gig, but won't let me put in my info


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Today I purchased 8 fiverrs in a bundle from torrent ($42 was charged to my PayPal card). When I go to my notifications it says:

32 minutes ago torrest: Hey maxwellus, before I start working, I need more information. The faster you submit your information, the faster I can get started

But I received no email, plus when I click on it I can’t access it. It seems to be a fiverr software glitch.

At first it showed up under my orders as “missing details”, but now it has disappeared from there.

Please help.



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That doesn’t really sound like an email issue or glitch if I understand what you are saying. It sounds like you placed a bulk order by pressing the Order button. The second step is also done on Fiverr, not by message or email. The second step is to write information into the field for “more information.” Until you submit that information the seller cannot even start working.

Fiverr does typically send a copy of these notices to your email, but you don’t need to do anything with those. Click on your username at the top right of the Fiverr screen and select Orders. If you don’t see anything in the Active orders list, then change the “Filter by” dropdown to “Cancelled.” It is possible the seller thought you weren’t going to complete the order and may have cancelled it.

Regardless of what you find, you can go to the seller’s profile page and click the Contact button to ask the seller about the transaction. You may be able to straighten it out that way. If that doesn’t work or is too confusing, then just contact Customer Support as mentioned above.

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Thank you, fonthaunt, for the input. When I first completed the order, an “error screen” came up, and I was not given the opportunity to input my information. I have ordered over 300 fiverr gigs in the past, and have had this same problem a number of times. My PayPal account was charged, but there was an error, and the order was lost.

Thanks for the link to Customer Support. I have submitted a ticket there.

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