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You are new? reason not to get discouraged

Guest branston_hanks

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Guest branston_hanks

everyone was once a newbie to fiverr, as a matter of fact i am new. i know you must have created a lot of gigs and wonder why you dont have clicks,impression,views not to talk of order… do you feel discourage and feel you need to back out? pls dont… i will give you few hints why you should not…

remember that when you plan to leave you have just created a free space for someone else to make it on fiverr

never try to see fiverr as your major source(though it could be), else you ware out and get frustrated

ask question , i think it is one free thing on fiverr

look for live testimonies, it will keep you for long

finally as am about to do now, advertise what you know how to do best… as for me i love to write and edit articles, letters,scripts,proposals, speeches e.t.c just reach me and we together will bring your plans to reality .

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