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New Fiverr User: How do i get started with this,


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Im building a specific business news website. I’m willing to spend money but afraid to waste it on bad gigs failed campaigns

i already have a F@ceb00k page and will create a website if i create critical mass. what are the checklist that i should look into to drive traffic to my fb page?

my fb page is ManilaBusinessReport

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You can get all most all the services here. Most of the sellers are great and they try to offer best service to customers. I personally do not believe much that purchasing traffic is good. I am always believe in organic traffic. BTW I am not well experienced on SEO gigs and I am not offering them as well, so you better to discuss with someone who has methods to generate good traffic. There may be sellers who offer real traffic.

If you need any web advertisements YouTube promotional videos, video commercials, facebook banners and flyers to promote your site I will able to help to you with designs and videos. https://www.fiverr.com/zimron89

For generating traffic you need target traffic so go for long time SEO plan. If you need some more information about purchasing gigs I will help you

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Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question.

yeah i think organic traffic is the way to go. i finally have my wordpress site going

http://www.manilabusinessreport.com (its still a peace of crap)

i actually have a day job so i only have weekends to work on this. so i am really looking to have somebody help out during the weekdays. i am looking at this for the long term.

i will favourite your gigs and make sure look you up when i need them


Manila Business Report| Philippine Business News Daily


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