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How to increase conversion rate?


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I’m somewhat new on fiverr (3 months actually having gigs), and just checked my analytics… and my conversion rate is a measly 0.2% which from what I understand is complete garbage. I think I have a pretty nice profile/gig videos and pages, so I don’t know why my conversion rate would be so low… any tips?

I would really appreciate it if someone could take a look at my profile or one of my gigs and see if theres anything noticeably bad/unappealing that i should change.

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Hi Brotheron!

First of all, that is a spot-on Morgan Freeman!

The first things that I think of when I see your profile and gigs is that you could make it all more personal. Use pictures of yourself in your gig photos. If you have a way to record yourself on camera, that would be awesome! Use just your phone if you have to (Make sure to use a well lit area). Engage your buyers directly and show your them where the Morgan Freeman voice is coming from. Show yourself recording in your studio space.

I’ll say that the Morgan Freeman gig is awesome, but if you optimize everything as much as you’re able, then your bread-and-butter gig will probably end up being your “professional male voiceover” gig.

Also, your profile description says only “16 years old. Voice-overs.” Fill this out! Embellish your talents and work history. And if you don’t have an extensive work history, then talk about your passion for voiceover and how that will translate to making great stuff for your buyers.

You have a great voice with a clear, enunciated diction. I’m dead serious when I say that I know that you can do very, very well on Fiverr! You just have to spend some time in making your Fiverr profile and gig pages look amazing.

Best of luck! And I mean it.

-Tim @ Easy Media

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Reply to @easymedia: Thank you, your reply is exactly what I was looking for!

I see what you’re saying about my account being more personal, when I made my account I thought “Why would they want to see me? My voice speaks for itself!”.

But now I see if you see the person you’re buying from/working with, you feel like you know them better.

I will get to recording gig videos soon, luckily my phone has a nice camera. But i’m not sure if I should record my gig videos like of me talking normally and then saying: here are some examples of my whatever gig. or me talking in the gig specific voice the whole time.

I appreciate your tips, they’re what I really needed & I think that they will go a long way. & thank you about the Morgan Freeman gig, but I understand what you’re saying. That was my first gig, but I realize now that it’s more of a gimmick than something people will actually need. That’s why I created the “Professional Male Voiceover” gig just yesterday.

Also, my dream job is to be a voice actor. I don’t really have any previous work other than a few characters I voiced for free on youtube, etc. That’s why I don’t really have much in my profile bio, but I will definitely try to improve on it.

Sorry if this reply is massive, every time I try to tell someone my thoughts which would be a short conversation in everyday life, it always ends up like a whole novel.

Thanks again! 😃

One last thing, for some reason I guess put that I’m from “Kirbati” on my profile, and I’m from the United States but I can’t find ANYWHERE that I can change that. Does anyone know if it’s possible to change that?

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You’re very welcome! And don’t even worry about the length of your reply! It’s good to hear that we could help.

An idea for a gig video for the Morgan Freeman gig would be to seamlessly transition from your voice to the Morgan Freeman voice. Something along the lines of, “I’m here exclusively on Fiverr to offer you a voice over in the voice of Morgan Freeman” (Switch to Morgan Freeman at this point) Now, as you can see, I’m not Morgan Freeman, but I’ll be darned if I don’t sound just like him." Just an idea.

Also, I went into the settings on our account to see if I could change the country in there and I could not. This may be a change for Fiverr Customer Service to help you with.


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