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Is my gig too pricey?


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Reply to @fastcopywriter: This new commercial license thing is Fiverr’s doing up to a point and I think it’s going to cause a lot of problems. From what I read, Fiverr just added the commercial license extra to the gigs in the Illustration category without asking the sellers if they want it. Sellers were supposed to be able to go in and turn it off if they wished, or change the default price.

I’ve seen 2 sellers saying that when they tried to turn it off, it was bugged and couldn’t save while unchecked. I’ve seen 3 different buyers very confused over why it was there. One buyer in particular had been working with the same seller for a long time to develop art and a cover for an e-book. They ordered some more work and after ordering they noticed the new license extra set at $50. They messaged the seller to ask about it and they were told that if they planned to sell their e-book they would have to cough up the extra. It was a really nice buyer who was afraid to rock the boat and just paid it, but posted on the forum to find out what was up with the new fee. Crazy.

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