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Do You Make These Common Article Writing Mistakes?

Guest seoann20

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Guest seoann20

You’ve been super busy writing articles. Your eyes are tired. Your brain hurts. Don’t start slouching yet!

Lots of writers pound out countless articles every day. There’s nothing wrong with that-if you are pounding out content of exceptional quality.

Be cautious of these common mistakes article writers make when they’re tired:

Misspelled words

Poor grammar

Long paragraphs

While those are the top three common article writing mistakes, there are still many more writing mistakes you should watch out for. These include:

Vague or generalized writing - Are you being straight forward and to the point in your article? Be careful not to “beat around the bush.” Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

No “meat” in your message - Does your article contain valuable information to the reader?

Rambling - Again, get to the point. Don’t use half your article trying to get to where you’re going. Get to the point and get there fast.

Article is too long - While there are no word count rules for article writing, it is wise to be careful not to get too long-winded, especially if your article will be printed online. Be succinct.

Article is too short - If you try to take too many shortcuts just to make a shorter article, you will probably leave your readers hanging. Be precise and concise in your articles. Don’t cut the length just to make the article short.

Too many tenses - Watch out for multiple verb tenses in your articles. If you begin by writing in the past tense, stay there.

No subheadings

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