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Need Help To Find Good Writer

Guest gypsyvapes

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Reply to @sara1984: If you are writing for less than minimum wage ($7.60 after Fiverr commission and Paypal cut) you are not earning your money from writing, you are treading water. When you take economics you are made to evaluate the level of effort versus opportunity cost. Consider that you can flip burgers for more money or build a Subway sandwich and also have the opportunity to meet people and receive benefits it doesn’t make sense as a “career”.

I really don’t advise people living in western nations to write 500 words for $3.80 with our inflation rate. That’s not even a dollar per hundred words.

Yes, I’m a Debby Downer. Sorry. I just accept Fiverr as the place I make my movie popcorn money and not a career.

I am grateful for the opportunity to eat that popcorn, though. $10 for a bucket with butter. Sheesh.

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Reply to @infinityplusone: You seem to have a very crisp writing style. You must be one of the rare ones on Fiverr who actually tells the truth about their writing experience. 😉

I’m surprised you haven’t picked up bigger clients. Now it’s rare that I take on a 600-word job for less than $20. Most of these clients leave good tips too.

Maybe such people are browsing the site, waiting to find you.

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Guest strokelogocomp

I suggest you to go with this one given below link. She is quite amazing. Check out her gig link below. Don’t forget to check her review on all gigs please.

favicon.ico fiverr-logo-new-green-9e65bddddfd33dfcf7e06fc1e51a5bc5.png

Fiverr is the world's largest freelance services marketplace for lean entrepreneurs to focus on growth & create a successful business at affordable costs

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Guest katja1700

If I remember right, English isn’t even the official national language in the US. When over 10% of population speaks Spanish as their native, another 10% other different languages… not to mention a lot of people are great at giving speeches, but can’t write if their lives depend on it. In this global world, someone’s whereabouts isn’t really the issue (British isles, Australia even India has English as national language and are non-US as well… not to mention a lot of US citizens living and working abroad) so I’d say it’s good to be vary, and use the 5$ gig as a test, and should a good writer be found, then engage with them offering a decent pay so that that gem doesn’t go after better gigs…

This was an interesting thread, I only just joined and hadn’t even thought about people who might try to scam, either intentionally or just having false ideas of their own abilities o_O

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