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Fiverr's latest project may significantly increase sales of cartoon portrait/caricature designers!


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[Extracted from Fiverr’s email]

Basic terms:

  1. In addition to your regular Gig orders, if you choose to join this project, you’ll be getting orders in a new format. This means a potential increase in sales volume.

  2. The orders in this project will be placed by Fiverr automatically, and the buyer will be provided with the end product: a selfie turned into a cartoon portrait. There won’t be any direct communication between buyers and sellers.

  3. Cartoon portraits will be sold in this project for a fixed price, ranging between $10 to $30, not including add-on services. It’s up to you to set the price, however your offer must include a complete, high quality, head shot portrait, in full color.

  4. You will not be required to create a new Gig to participate in this project. We will use your current Gig to place orders based on the fixed price you decide on. If you have more than one gig, please choose the one you prefer.

  5. The turnaround time for your basic offer will range from 24 hours to 7 days. If you have the capacity to deliver within up to 3 days, you may choose to offer an extra fast delivery for an additional cost of up to $15.

  6. We’ll use an automated system to control your volume of sales so that your regular Gig orders won’t be impacted. In addition to your regular Gig orders, it’s up to you to determine how many orders you can handle. When you reach your limit, we’ll be sure not to send more orders your way, until you’ve caught up. This project may significantly increase the number of orders you are used to, so we suggest setting a reasonable limit when you begin.

    Is this “project” a permanent feature, or just a temporary one? Does anyone know whether similar projects have happened before?
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