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I want to see when I've bought a gig before & my history with a seller from their gig page


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It would be SO HELPFUL if I could easily access my history with a seller when I am looking at a gig. Sometimes I can’t remember if they don’t tell the name of their site in the gig description. If I bought this gig before but didn’t love it, I’d like to be able to easily access the history of messages exchanged with that seller. Or see when I ordered that gig and how I rated it afterwards. Trying to scroll through my gig history is quite a chore and not very clear. I’d like to be able to be on a page for a gig description and have a place to click or else a little prompt that says “you ordered this gig on this date” or “you have never ordered this gig” or “you have communicated with this seller before”. This is a really really important feature and would make using fiverr so much better.

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