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What to charge?


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I just completed my first gig and I definitely undercharged the buyer. I hadn’t thoroughly reviewed the documents before setting a price. One document was a spreadsheet of products (fairly easy), but the other document was a 27-page powerpoint. How would I figure out the rate for something in that kind of format?

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Hi, many of the translation gigs that I’ve seen (and ordered) specify a certain amount of words that can be translated per gig. And perhaps you could also request buyers to send wording in plain text format for review prior to ordering? Hope that helps.

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Hi Karrobe,

From what I’ve seen on Fiverr, Darrylswan is correct in that sellers of similar gigs will charge for word count.

Because your job is simply to translate/proofread and not extract and count words from possibly obscure document formats, you need to tell your buyers to have their word counts ready for you in a document format of your choice. This will save you a lot of time that you can be using for other things. In our Fiverr category, this is something that we have to remind buyers of sometimes. We just got a request from a buyer to transcribe a Youtube video then create a video using that script. We had to remind ourselves and the buyer that our time and efforts are valuable to us and that we do not get paid to transcribe. Generally if the request is something small, we can take care of it, but transcription takes a good chunk of time.

You’ll find that once orders start coming en masse, you’ll need to begin streamlining everything that you can. I hope this helps and I wish you well!

-Tim @ Easy Media

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Guest svenboosch

watch same gig on fiverr, then you will figure out the rate, try to discussion with buyer in that case.


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Guest sabarudin


-rough sketch $FREE/piece

-rough sketch with backgroud $5/piece

-sketch detailed $10/piece

-colouring artwork without shadow & detailed $15/piece

-colouring artwork with detailed $20/piece

-colouring artwork with backgroud $25/piece

Thanks for commission, please feedbeck my work.


full artwork with master file(PSD,AI,CRD,etc) +$10

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