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How can i increase my blog earnings?

Guest wevertex

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and the first two links the design is the exact same, but they could both use some better design.

I think it is too many ads all over your articles, it’s hard to even understand what the blog is about.

Also, you only have 3 blog posts.

What do you do with education? YOur title of your blog doesn’t make sense, it’s about Online Education, so I could not figure out how your blog posts were relevant to that.

A good blog that you can make money on is something that you are passionate about, and update often and it also takes time to build a following.

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In addition to advertising you should spend 2-6 hours every day creating new unique content and be patient. If a blog is still not making a profit after a couple of years then either change the concept or dump it. Eventually you will end up with a handful of blogs that bring you a steady profit.

Hosting and tech maintaining blogs and sites for others in exchange for a google ad spot is also a nice way to monetize any left over server resources you might have (this is my favorite way as this leaves me with more time for other work)!

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