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Dear Owners, Admins, Top raters and all Authorities, Fiverr need these new Features


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Hi, I am French Shark, A new Fiverr Logo Designer.

Can you make few changes in Fiverr? These are my problems. As I think a lot of people have those problems.

  1. There is no way to attach files to the gig.
  2. Can’t upload some PDF files
  3. Its better, Fiverr have a Trending Gigs tab.
  4. I need to show my buyers how much orders have I already completed.
  5. Fiverr Gig filter for byers. (then they can easily find what they want)
  6. Let buyers to make a real review.
  7. Sellers and Buyers should be able to report each other.
  8. I need to upload more files on the delivery.

    Please add some comments to make them feel to do it. As I think It is not just for us. It will be help to promote Fiverr too.

    Please comment your other suggestions and Ideas too. Comment your requests.

    I am waiting to take a answer from authorities.
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Guest norrsken_marc

You might not know how the forum works yet, but there’s a category for a post like yours, and it should be edited and moved to “Suggestion Box”. I would urge you, if you haven’t already, to take a look at the Do’s and Dont’s of this forum so you can help us all keep this place clean and uncluttered. Thanks

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And I’d like to add that you should read the Fiverr Terms of Service as well as the forum - many of the things you mention already exist. Best of luck to you!

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