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Promote your Gigs easily ''10 Tips and Tricks'' (Just Fiverr Activities)


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i dis agree with statement 1. Don’t make a lot of gigs,
you should make upto maximum gigs you can, of same industry you do work, change keep few tags same and few changed, is someone reaches to you with any of gig, he will must be shown your other gigs, and if you have something attractive in any of your other gigs, buyer will pick that,

here is example (or you can check my gigs to get idea)

i made 4 to 5 gigs with same service with different names, what i did in that

i asked for professional editing one image for $5,
in second gig i asked 10 photo editing for $5
in third i asked 15 photo editing for $5 (my most sold gig)
in four i asked for any Photoshop editing professionaly

now any buyer reaches to me with any of gig, he finds my best selling gig on top and checks what i have delivered in portfolio, once he got satisfaction he will must contact or buy gig.

i need your suggestions on this comment too,
tell me if i am wrong
or you have better thing to say reply

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I agree on most of it. Especially when it comes to custom offer.
Just recently I had a custom offer voor around $160,- and after the delivery the buyer also sent me tip.

I almost agree on the buyers request section, because of the following: I want to know more details about the wishes of the buyer before I send them an offer. Most of the time the requests are not very clear. The only way to contact the buyer is to send them an offer and that’s a problem in some fields.

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Ive made most of my sales via Buyer Request which has resulted in multiple orders from customers, so I DONT agree that its a waste of time. You gotta play the numbers cant just sit & wait for customers to contact you

i agree with you…while i waiting buyer.

i’m offering at buyer request-i’ve got many order from that too

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nice post but i don’t think not sending buyers request is a good idea…its difficult to get the project from that but still we get some and there is no harm in posting the offers. For me, its not a waste of time. Also, if you are a new comer, then try to get things done on $5 at initial stage.

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🙂 Hi,


I am French Shark, New Logo Designer in Fiverr. I will tell you few little tricks to get promoted.


  1. Don’t make a lot of gigs. Just make 1 or 2 gigs.

  2. Never use silly samples for them. Just use attractive samples.

  3. Make a attractive description which is better than Top Raters Descriptions.

  4. Don’t add any high quality or high performance gig extras.

  5. Find few popular gigs which match to your gig. Check gigs tags and use better tags for yours. 😉

  6. Don’t send messages for ‘‘Buyers Requests’’ tab, It is just wasting time. They won’t give you any job easily.

  7. Give them Bonus with the delivery (according to your industry)

  8. If someone ask you a custom offer, don’t do it for 5$. Give a bigger value than 5$.

  9. If someone ask you to do a difficult thing and If you can’t do it, don’t cancel it quickly. Chat with the buyer try to understand the situation. Then make the decision together. :">

  10. When you deliver your order, Ask about his activities and future plans. 😉


    **** If you have more ideas, please comment.




    If you think somethings are not possible tell us.


    If you got something from this say something.


    If you hate or don’t like it, tell me why?

Don’t send messages for ‘‘Buyers Requests’’ tab, It is just wasting time. They won’t give you any job easily.

I agree 100% with you 😏

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