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Please help me! regarding buyer's requests


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hi guys, i never seem to understand this option fully.

  1. the number count on active request , yesterday it was 139,xxx today it becomes 140,xxx but the actual request in the lists … there are only about 3-5 new ones. where are the rest ?

  2. once you submit an offer and you are not chosen, could you delete it ? just so it doesn’t appear on your sent offers.

  3. how will the buyer pick our offer when there are soo many people submitting?

    thank you guys
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The 140 might be the total count of the requests related to your skills.

Once a buyer chooses someone, the request is removed and can affect this count. This is what I believe since I never could do the math given that I see 150,000 requests available.

You can’t withdraw the submitted offer.

Very less chances of buyer choosing you over others.

Now that you have custom message feature. It might be more convincing to the buyers after seeing the message. Thus improving your chances .

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Reply to @chacharitaa: You can try to generalize your services. I’m not a photographer but your photos look Professional. So if you can take good photos, you can use the keyword ‘photography’ in your gig.

Similarly for other gigs. I saw most of your gigs are in the category “Hold your sign”. Not many people will be looking for this service everyday.

You are really offering great services. It can take some time for you to get regular orders.

I hope you got the point.

P.S. I still think that baby is fake 🙂

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