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Calling all Fiverr Experts, share with the community how you do what you do! If you do market research share how to benefit others, if you create video share your tips and tricks, if you give people social presence share how here, if you do keyword research share how! Lets make this the best place to share quality information. The benefits are we all help each other to succeed and learn from one another to improve our gigs!

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Well for some sellers, I am sure they wont give their secrets due to bringing in more competition for what they do. But for myself I don’t market or post on other sites/blogs etc and I am happy where I am.

Once I a while I may change a small tidbit of one of my gigs here or there.

Remember ratings speak loud here on fiverr… Once you get your momentum it becomes regular, and you start getting repeat customers which help drive your work for you.

If there is a trick I could share… Its not really a trick but I would say to over deliver at times. You will be surprised what it does for you, and it sometimes get you repeat buys from it.

-To over deliver means that you will give your buyer more then what they bought from you.

-If you don’t have a que and someone orders a regular gig that may take a day or two, deliver it within 24 hours. Give them your work and show your deliveries…

For either route you take buyer comments also sell you to other buyers… So give them more then a $5 gig; give them something YOU would buy for $20-$40-even $100 if you were the buyer.

Make the buyers come to you this way.

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Ah well then. For video editing Make sure you go over it with a fine tooth comb. Try to get rid of un-natural pauses/breaths, & make multiple takes to give your buyers.

I personally use two different video editing software…

  1. Sony Movie Studio Platinum
  2. Wondershare video editor

    I make the video in Sony Movie Studio to have HD, and remake that one in Wondershare Video Editor to make the video size smaller but keep most of the HD quality.

    I also maintain one-note online with my records and scripts to use with messaging;
  3. Thank you message- after order is made
  4. Update of order - starting and progress
  5. Completion of order message - to include a reminder to complete and rate the gig

    Drop Box is your friend with videos especially if they are larger files that cant be shared on fiverr.

    This toppled with a template for a lot of my gigs helps a great deal.
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Great insight Ardicus, I do my keyword research with real users in mind, i create personas of the actual person that is needing to be attracted then find my client all the words that have that particular persons buying intent. Does anyone have any other tips and tricks to benefit us all on here ? What do all you people think the best way is to get social presence ?

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