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Mandatory Feedback?

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Hi everyone,

i don’t know if what i am going to explain happens only to me or also to other people here on Fiverr.

I’ve got 77 orders completed. 65 Reviewed. 11 Not Reviewed.

I can do everything i want, it is so hard to get that 11 Feedback back. Even if you contact them, even if you ask them when you deliver the order.

May be a good and helpful idea to try to “obligate” the buyer (and the seller) to give feedback after a completed order? I think it can help everyone, both sellers and buyers. What do you think?

Thanks you all for the time!

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Guest ricksper

@kjblynx so true. Be careful about what you wish for. Besides, no Buyer should be obligated to do anything except place a proper order and pay for it. Period.

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