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Advertisement Tips for Small business holders [ARCHIVED]


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I am always writing my forum post targeting small business holders since I am a graphic designer and video maker most of my buyers are small business holders so fiverr forum is good place for us to talk these tips. Most of the fiverr buyers are small business holders as I know.

Design of the advertisement

To get the maximum use of the advertisement design of the ad should be really eye catching. This is common for our gig images as well. All the times buyers order our gigs by viewing gig image and reading description but they view your gig by looking at the image. Advertisement should be eyecatching and unique

Try to use Free services

As small business owners it is not easy to spend bulk of money on advertising so you can use free services like Facebook, twitter, YouTube to do your promotional campaigns. Social bookmarking is another way to do free promotions.

Target your Traffic

Do not create generic ads for your service, always creates some unique and targeted ads which can easily catch the exact audience. Niche market needs ads that exactly highlights your niche, product or service

Try to use your logo always

When users sees common logo all the time they get the feeling that this is somewhat established organization and they feel some confidence over your organization, So use same logo on your graphic ads and videos all the time. No problem though it is small in size

Select the Right place to advertise

Placing ads in wrong category waste all the money you spent. So always select best and most suitable category to place your ads.

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