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Anyone From Canada That Can Help Design My Business Logo?


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This can be a good place to get cheap services as long as you realize that you shouldn’t expect $500 quality for $5 in funds. A seller gets a little less than $4 per $5 ordered and that is perfectly fine but something to keep in mind. Look for sellers that have good reviews, gig images that aren’t copied from other gigs or high end websites, decent communication skills and a recent track record for sales.

I am not sure why you would need a specific country for a logo as long as the seller can correspond with you and be understood, but narrowing your search to one locale can really limit your options.

All that said, rather than wait for answers on the forum (some of which may end up being spammy) you could go to the main page and search for logo designers. It will take some sorting to find sellers that do original design, etc. but it can be worth the search. Spend a small amount ($5-10) to get a basic sample which could be black/white or example sketches. Once you find someone that is a good match you may want to pay a little more for a finished product.

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