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Fiverr Is Awesome. New sellers should read this


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I love making powerpoint presentation and transcribing audio or video files. I have been doing it from school days. But i never knew i could monetize it. Then on 25 Sept. 2012 i came to know about fiverr. So I joined at the begining i didn’t know what to do so I put making presentation gig. As i was sort of sure that my gig will not be visible among those top rated seller. But after a week i got a mail that i have got a order, So I was happy. But as october came, i hardly made only 12$ in whole October and cancelled three orders. So when November came i was sure that i will not be getting Level one seller tag. But fortunately with my indefatigable effort from 5 Nov. to 21 Nov. I made a sale of 40$. Although not much, but for me that’s a good. And the best thing happened today morning When in big font it was written - ’ YOU ARE LEVEL ONE SELLER’ And I am very very very happy Right now. So to sum up I would like to say although fiverr is a online market but it is like our office which has got different departments. And the effort and time and relationship skill that we use in our real life, need to be applied here too. And always be optimistic, don’t get sad when you don’t get orders. Good Luck 🙂

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