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Fiverr seller threatening me


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Reply to @bisnar6665: I’m not going to bother pointing out that it’s a violation of the Fiverr Terms of Service to have contact off of the site 🙂 - the TRS probably gets special treatment in that regard, anyway.

You really need to stop communicating with this seller - especially in ways that Fiverr Customer Support can’t monitor. At this point you’re just going back and forth, why waste even more of your time?

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bisnar6665 I have been working 10 years on the internet (I just buy voice over here) and so I can say I had very good share of fake buyers, immature voice-over artists and kids claiming to be reputable copywriters. When things go wrong, they threaten to leave bad reviews, kill your dog or hire north korean government but all you need to do is just laugh over it.

I have handled campaigns for restaurants, construction companies, doctors and they are the one who are most prone to such threats but no one ever came this close to doing anything real.

If you will have an angry service provider who could actually harm your business, he won’t warn you. Trust me.

Yes of course you should report it to the unsupportive customer support but that’s it. Grab a beer and laugh over that stupid.

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This sort of shenanigans happens all the time on the Internet. Here’s how you handle it:

  1. Report the seller to Customer Support.

  2. You said the seller is calling you on the phone? I don’t know how that’s possible unless you gave out your phone number via Fiverr (which is a violation of the terms of service.) Nothing to do here except call your service provider and put a block on the number. You can also consider a police report.

  3. Forget about it. Chances are excellent that unless they write something new about you on the same site every single day, it’ll get instantly buried by funny cats and Perez Hilton in Google’s search ranking.

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Reply to @itsyourthing: He was on a television show (Big Brother) here in the UK not so long ago.

Contestants usually go on the show to boost their failing careers, so I imagine he’s doing pretty poor at the moment.

Have a look…

***Whoever fragglesrocked my post, can you please not. Off-site links are allowed as long they are relevant to the discussion and do not promote work away from fiverr.***

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