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Exposure for your gigs and what works best


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Ok, I have been a seller for three years now in Articles and PR Submissions. My gig is to write an article or blog of 300 words. I tried different marketing tactics like Twitter, Linked In etc. but found that just by gaining organic traffic through Fiverr works best now. Reason being if you continue to produce a high quality gig you will find you rank higher in the recommended and high rating category of your specialty. Now, I found myself in the number one spot and although it changes here and there I am always in the top five or ten. It took a lot of work to just produce articles that gain positive feedbacks but should be some advice for new sellers who get frustrated by lack of sales. We all start somewhere and I started at rock bottom like everyone else. So, keep plugging away and you will see positive results, it just takes time. What type of marketing do you use to gain exposure?

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