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Can Someone help me?


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The first thing - I need some help to see what I might be doing wrong. I would be so appreciative for some suggestions and pointers. I’m not sure what categories to be placing in and what other information might be needed.

Also, I know adding a video would be helpful. I keep setting up a buyer’s request for that, and they keep un-approving it and there is no explanation. Does anyone know why?

The 3rd thing - I work with small and start-up businesses, so I’m trying to find trustworthy people that offer services my clients need, and I’m hoping to get some Fiverr members to work with. Any suggestions on where to go to network with Fiverr members to help refer business to each other.

I really want to break into getting gigs on here and find people I can trust to send any clients to for projects, so any help that I can get will be so appreciated!

Thank you so much in advance for any help you can give.

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