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I put up a job I needed, got 10 offers, but can only see the first 2...what gives?


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I have just joined this site and so far I am not impressed because; we all know you get nothing absolutely free and also you get what you pay for.

So why are all these so called “professionals” offering thier services for $5 when they really want to get $500.

The sellers on here seem uncontrolled by the site in that they are not professional in thier dealings. (Obviously not all)

But it is frustrating when you have a gig and the seller is acting like my car mechanic and doing/touting other jobs, not replying to messages, don’t answer direct questions.

They have this attitude that we need them more than they need us.

I am going to spend more and deal with my local, at least that way I wont have to sit staring at my computer screen waiting for a curteous reply from people who don’t seem to have any business etiquette.

Also tried to find help on this situation and could not find it anywhere until I just read someone’s post where they supplied the email link.

what a joke Fiverr $5.

That is my rating of this site so far.

Unhappy buyer.

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“Services starting >from< $5” … I think that is the slogan on the homepage, correct me if I’m wrong. It’s an open marketplace where anyone can register as freelancer and work on a project.

I’m sorry for your bad experience but it may take a while to find a gem between the sellers.

However, there is price for everything , even for fast delivery. If you read well the description of the gigs will describe what do you get for 1 gig ($5) and what do you get for adding extras.

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