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Are you secure as a fiverr seller? Raise your voice...!


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Hello everyone,

Today I am here for getting your personal opinion. Many times, I have seen that many buyers ordered gigs without giving any details. Then we have nothing to do without waiting.

After passing some days while buyers does not send any details, we refund them. By doing this we get a cancellation percentage for our gigs… But my question is if we have the ability to accomplish this job, then we will face this kind of problem?

For this i am proposing—

  1. Fiverr can make a button for their sellers to accept the order. We will not accept the order until the buyer will not give the details regarding the job.

  2. Time will be starting after accepting the job.

    Second one----

    After delivering the job, Fiverr needs to secure their sellers. Many times after getting good delivery, many scam sellers demand refund. In here, Fiverr needs to put their eyes on it.

    Third one—

    All of the buyers are not in same minded. When sellers are not able to making them happy, buyers leave negative feedback for sellers. When someone asks for a Fiverr support, Fiverr customer support tells the buyers mutually handle this matter. But after not getting great delivery from sellers, buyers are not wishing to talk with sellers.

    So, Fiverr needs to put their eyes on it. This is my personal opinion. If you have any other problem, you can flesh out here.
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