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Fraud Buyers on Fiverr


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It’s 2yrs I’m here on Fiverr and introduced few of my friends to sale their talents here. One of them told that couple of buyers bought his gig & after getting the work done, they simply asked to cancel the order even without asking for any modifications. I saw his work & it was really great what I can say from my experience. He got 100% rating with aprox 40 sales in 2 months. So, I can conclude these kind of buyers using Fiverr as a platform to get their work done for FREE (just $1 as Fiverr fees). If any of you face such buyer, I would suggest to report customer care immediately and make Fiverr clean from such fraud buyer. On the other hand, Fiverr should find them & remove/ ban permanently as a respect of sellers hard work.

They place orders > get the work done > simply asked to cancel the order saying it’s bad (no modification request)

Any of you faced such situations? Please share here.

Thank you,


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Guest tdelang

Fortunately this hasn’t yet happened to me, but this very same idea did cross my mind the other day.

The problem is that Fiverr is anonymous, so you can’t perfectly screen out people in advance. They have to done bad things a couple of times before you can say they’re rotten apples. I also think it’s a risk of doing business, and I personally assume that a certain percentage of buyer will not treat me fair.

Here’s what I do:

I label every communication, so it’s easy to see if I’m waiting for a response or whether I need to respond to someone. But I also label conversations in red if I feel I’ve been treated badly by a customer or I simply have a really bad feeling about the customer. This way I only make the mistake once and know very quickly I don’t want to work with a buyer again.

I would definitely report this to Fiverr, the more responses they get, the sooner they can stop this from happening to other people. They have to be made aware of what’s going on before they can act on it.

But like I said, you can’t perfectly avoid these situations, so I actually expect a small percentage of the orders to go bad, and do everything I can not to make the same mistake twice.

Hope this helps a bit

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