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I have gigs that receives high impression, but 1 order, anyone could tell me why? Thanks guys!


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Hi guys, I have gigs with high impression, clicks, but only 1 order. I’m not sure why, what’s wrong with my gig, can anyone help me analyze how I should improve my gigs?

Design your name with PEZ


I will send you treats and snacks from Thailand


Much appreciated, thank you in advance guys.

I’m new, please guide me 🙂


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Well I see you only joined in February, so 1 order actually isn’t bad. And you have 12 favorites on that first gig. How many views are you getting exactly? Your conversion rate will go up the more reviews you have. It’ll be low at first.

Also, I have to ask… what’s with the two images you attached?

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Reply to @omniversal: hello, the two images are just cute haha they’re from one of my best selling gig, i just wanted to share .

so for this baby bear gig, i recently have 4 sales .

for the 2 gigs i’m asking for advice on,

for PEZ gig : imp 11K clicks 20 view 59 (with one sale)

for snacks and treat gig : imp 5.7K clicks 59 views 160 (with one sale)

thank you 🙂

or are there any specific things about it that has to be modify …

even my baby bear gig receives imp 6.7K clicks 59 view 119

i have 4 sales now … or maybe because of its interestingness

but in these past 4-5 days i haven’t received any orders though 😦

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Eh, it can be slow sometimes, my last order was 4 days ago. The best thing you can do really is wait. My conversion rate right now is 2%, but when I was just starting out it was less than 1% (about what yours is at). Your views and conversion rate slowly increase with the more ratings you have. At least it looks like all your buyers are leaving a review. My first few buyers didn’t rate me and even now that I’m mentioning it they still don’t all leave reviews.

But the gigs look great, I don’t really see anything that needs improving. Keep in mind though that not many people will be searching for snacks on fiverr, so it’ll be more of something someone came across and thought was interesting.

I wouldn’t worry, once you have a few reviews on each gig I’m sure business will pick up.

Also I’ve found they like to come in waves… I’ll have a week where I get multiple orders each day, then a week with no orders… very strange.

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@chacharitaa You have a nice gig, but very specific. It is getting a lot of views, which means that it sounds interesting to many people who are searching for something, but conversion to sales means that it has to match what they were looking for. So, there is a mismatch here. My first feeling when I looked is that people do not want their names spelled out with the PEZ dispensers, but with the PEZ candy. I know this sounds trivial, but the fact is the PEZ dispensers are long and thin, and do not show a lot of detail because you have to pull back so far to get a lot of letters in the shot. PEZ candy is small and many simple colors that make a tile effect, much like pixels. I think people want that more, because you can make the letters small and tight, up close, with a lot of image detail. Also, in your other gig, you are sending assorted candies, from a foreign country. No offense, but there is not a lot of trust factor there. I personally would not eat the candy for free, let alone pay for it. That sounds terrible, I know, but people are very careful about food safety. Lastly, you may not be in the right category for the PEZ letters. So those are my three suggestions: Use PEZ candy pellets, not the machines. Maybe give them a choice to show one machine in the shot, as a reference to PEZ only. 2. Drop the shipping candy. 3. Try a different category for your PEZ gig. At this point, it can only get better, right? Oh, and #4, try a simple gig in the meantime like sending a postcard from Thailand. Get sales, level up, then you can sell whatever you want. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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Reply to @webtelly: oh my god, thank you so so much for the advice. I have tons of PEZ candies here, I will try it out by tomorrow and it would be up ! I’m very happy with your advice, a million thanks to you 🙂 , also , yes I will so drop the treat gig , I was about to delete it for many times but then I feel like the impression rate is really high (highest among all of my other gigs) so I feel a bit sad to delete it. I will take your advice and do it … that’s for sure. thank you so so much !! i will update you soon 🙂

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