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Is there any one who check my gigs and let me know my mistakes?


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Hi @samad_designs,

I checked out your profile. Since you are offering the same thing in each gig, you may want to cut down the number of gigs you have. I went over your profile and one of your gigs and made minor changes since you had a few typos and grammatical errors (understandable since English is your second language). I’m not saying what I did is perfect, but it is a start (I hope this helps!)

It looks like you run a team of design professionals. If so, your about me section of your profile needs some tweaking.

I did a little re-wording of what you already had: "Thanks for checking out my profile. My name is Samad and I run a team of professional graphic designers. We have years of experience in creating logo designs and can create unique styles for your website, business, or personal use within 1 business day!"

Also, for your gig with the Samad Design photo, you need to add an “a”, making the title read: "I will design a professional logo in just 10 hours for $5"

For the same gig, I re-worked your wording:

"I will create a professional logo or monogram for your website, business, or personal use. My designs will create the perfect image to represent your business and impress your clients.

“Best reasons to place an Order with me”

-I will represent your company name in a very attractive way;

-My logos will bring traffic into your business;

-I have years of experience in graphic design and will use my expertise to provide a professional logo.

I strive for 100% Satisfaction, therefore, all my Gigs offer:

Money Back Guarantee

Unlimited Revisions for FREE

Express Delivery Within 24 Hours

Customer Service 24/7

If for any reason I have not earned a 5-star rating from you, please let me know so that I can resolve the issue before leaving feedback. "

Also, you have a 2 day limit but offer 24 hrs. for an extra $10- you may want to change it to default to 1 day if your main selling point is that you will provide the logo within 1 day.

Good luck!!

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