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Hey Folks,

First time buyer here. I clicked on a service (looking for a logo), selected my package (came out to $95). I clicked ‘Order Now’ and input my credit card. It took me a loading screen that when completed, just said “We’ll email you when you order is complete”. There was no chance for me to put in any specifications of any kind, and I can’t find any trace of the order in my inbox or anywhere. Please help? I appreciate it!

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To be clear, I have not been charged. Let me explain the steps again.

I clicked on a gig (Logo creation).

Selected some things and clicked “Order Now”.

I input my credit card information (Visa)

It loaded for some time, and then said, “We’ll email you when you order is complete!”, with no actions available on that page

I can’t find traces of the order anywhere

Ive filed a ticket, but I don’t have an order number that I can find anywhere!

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Guest itsyourthing

While you’re waiting for support, you can send a message to the seller and ask them if it came through on their end. If it did, you can go over your specifications through the messaging.

There is a bug that the setting for “required instructions” is un-setting itself, in that case an order is started without any further communication. Ask your seller to check their settings.

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