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I am seller of banner designing, i was missuesd by a buyyer


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Yes, never let a buyer take advantage of you. Always make sure they order BEFORE you do any work. It took me maybe one time (if that) to understand that…

If they don’t put up the money first… they get no work. That’s how it works in the real world and here on Fiverr.

Like above… if you have any problems, contact support… they can always help if you run across a bad buyer.

Good Luck!

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If a buyer wants extras after delivery (“this is great, I want more!”) be proactive. These buyers who think they can add onto an old order are often new and don’t know how it works. Gently guide them and help them to work out Fiverr’s vagaries.

I only do this with premium buyers though. $5 cheapos get basic.

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