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Buyer requests update/upgrade

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Hello everyone,

As I noticed, whenever you want to send your offer to a buyer request, your matching gig should be in the same category and subcategory as the buyer. A lot of buyers have no experience so they input categories totally wrong, not to mention you don;t even know what they selected. So if the gig you want to select does not appear, you have to keep changing your gig’s categories until you match. This is exhausting and I suppose it also messes up your gig’s visibility changing its categories so often.

Suggestion : It would be great if you can just select a gig from your stack.

Also, even though I have a gig that matches the buyer request, it is hardly the case where it matches perfectly so the probability for the buyer to pick my offer is quite low.

Suggestion : Option to provide a description with that offer. The buyer could benefit from a better selection to choose from instead of browsing trough offers he would probably consider ridiculous

Another thing that seems strange is that you can make custom offers of different values as you move up the levels. Why couldn’t we benefit to make custom offers to those buyer requests ? Whom should I make those custom offers, the sellers ? If one contacts me, he can just order my gig multiple times, a custom offer is not necessarily required.

Suggestion : allow sellers to make a custom offer for the buyer requests or at least the option to contact the buyer.

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