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Why were my gigs unapproved?


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You need to change the title of your post to "Why were my Gig Requests unapproved?"

A Gig is a service offered by a Seller.

A Gig Request is a specific service that a Buyer is posting to have a specific service performed.

Completely different animals. 😃

Contact Customer Support and ask them why they weren’t approved. Usually you’re provided with a reason. Sometimes it’s something as simple as providing urls to outside websites in the request itself. Have you tried searching for a Seller to provide this service? Just type it in the Search bar (that says “Find Services” – it’s located right next to the Fiverr logo on the top left of the page.) Hope that helps.

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What is the problem with providing urls to outside websites? I want to have a webpage designed, and I have posted all the relevant files, including photos, on my friend’s website, for a total of about 23M. That is the most convenient way to let others see the scope of this project, in my opinion.

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