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Just closed my 200th sale here on fiverr in less then 3 months thanks to great buyers


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Hello all, I know for some this may not be a big deal, but for my wife and I it is. today I just closed my 200th sale on fiverr and still going strong. All this without advertising as of yet.

I love fiverr and what it offers sellers. especially with that one idea that everyone has that makes them money.

I started fiverr in December just before Christmas 2014, and have already made decent money. Its not ground breaking but the money has come useful for personal needs my wife and I share. Without fiverr I honestly believe that we would not be in the spot we are now as we were hurting a bit more financially. Fiverr has prevented a loss of a vehicle, and keeping our bills paid.

On a good day I clear $50-$100+ on a bad day $10-45 but its still extra money that I wouldn’t otherwise have if it weren’t for fiverr.

So this message is being put here for other newcomers wondering if fiverr is for you as a seller. If you put yourself out there you will be successful and are encouraged to continue to do so. Whether it is a gig that only takes 10 minutes or two hours, you can make a decent amount on here as the $5 minimum adds up. Especially with the gig extras.

For Buyers; Fiverr is a choice made by people to not only serve you but to actually make needed money and most will do what you need for a meager amount of money. Si we ask that you consider this as most sellers on here actually depend on sales and making sure you as a buyer are satisfied with the work they do and show it with ratings and (if possible tipping).

Thank you for reading about our excitement about fiverr, and both my wife and I thank everyone for your continued support.

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Guest volodymyrpro7

Wow! Amazing result! I salute you! <:-P I'm also new, but I don't know what is wrong with my gigs. I just don't get any sails for almost a week…

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Guest alexcreativity

I made $4k within 3 month on fiverr and my gig was listed on homepage of fiverr but due to some break rules by me my account got banned. I did some spamming in my account that’s why fiverr banned me. I worked 14 hours in a day at that time. Btw congratulation for your success.

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