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My Fiverr success story. Need encouragement?

Guest freelancepromw

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Guest freelancepromw

Hello Fiverrers,

I wanted to share my personal experience here as a seller. I know there are a lot of you who are working very hard to make good money here on Fiverr (perhaps you’re aiming to make this your full-time income). I wanted to share my quick story that will hopefully illustrate a very real possibility to make good money here.

Some of you may be making a lot more than me, and that’s awesome! But this post is aimed towards those who are not yet making a lot of money, but are working towards that goal. I want to tell you that it IS possible to make that extra $500 a month, or that nice $2500 a month.

I started here only 5 months ago. I consider myself to be a very talented freelance artist, and I have skills on a multitude of niches. In the beginning I was just trying to grasp the ropes of how Fiverr works, what it was all about, and if it was something for me. So I started off doing simple things like writing articles, doing research; some real basic things that I saw a lot of other people having success with. I thought “if they can, so can I”.

My first month I made only $4 😛 However, that didn’t deter me. It actually instilled a great level of confidence; because I thought “wow! Out of millions of gigs and so many competitors someone picked ME”. By the end of my 3rd month I made around $250. At that point I saw real potential for me here on Fiverr.

So I spent a very long week to think about exactly what I was good at in particular. Something I know nobody else can compete with me on. I run my own call center by day, and have an extremely high influence on the CEO’s in my company, and have made a lot of profitable decisions inside of my day job. So with those facts I decided to offer services that I KNOW I can excel at, and I changed gears on Fiverr. I decided I was in it for the long haul!!! 😃

After earning the respect of some really great clients and generating some positive reviews, I decided I would change up my services. I am always coming up with innovative ways to impress my CEO at my day job, so I thought why not put the talents I use everyday at work to use on Fiverr.

Anyhow, long story short… Putting in great marketing efforts, working extremely hard, and staying positive and dedicated to Fiverr and the wonderful people who use Fiverr, I am now making a lot more than I ever thought I would at day 1.

I’ve been a seller for only 5 months, and only 10 days into to my fifth month I have already made close to $1,000. So YES, it is possible to do well here. I see a ton of posts inquiring about making more money, making a living, etc etc… SO I wanted to share my story.

I hope that through reading my post you will find encouragement and success!

Happy sales,


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