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Tips for Newbies


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I have a few tips for all the newbies out there. Make sure your gig is accurate. When i started out I did not go into enough detail and i had people trying to order services that i did not even have listed.

Another tip is to always make sure to have good communications with your buyers. the more that you communicate the more the buyers will be willing to leave you feedback which not only helps your rank but when people see all the good comments they tend to buy more.

Also, always make sure to deliver your gigs on time. I would be a 100% feedback but instead i ma 95% because in the beginning I put too short of a time frame on my gigs which did not help. Now, if I need a little more time i just contact the buyers and let them know. They are usually very understanding as they want quality work done. - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/222/tips-for-newbies#Item_151

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