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New to Fiverr? "How to get Buyers?"

Guest crea8ive_design

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Guest crea8ive_design

When talking about Logo Design it’s all about choosing the right keywords. Think about the keywords people use to search for your service. -

Use your keyword, where relevant, in the title of your Gig. Your keyword should appear 2-3 times in your Gig description. At the beginning, at the end and in the body of your text. Make sure relevant keywords are in your Gig tags. Video and image files you upload should be descriptive and contain your keyword.

Things to Avoid:

Flooding your text with keywords can have a negative impact.

Using keywords that are not relevant to your Gig.

To get keyword ideas, do a search for a service like yours, on any search engine.


Be patient. It can take months to get going on Fiverr.

Start with only 1, 2 or 3 gigs until YOU LEARN…

– How the Fiverr system actually works.

– What Buyers look for when choosing a Seller.

– How to over-deliver your service.

– How to negotiate effectively.

– How to handle and respond to negative feedback.


– Use proper English and grammar.

– Do not use Stock photo images or images you have no right to use.

– Do not misrepresent your gig.

– Do not mislead Buyers.

– Explain exactly what you are offering.

– Explain exactly what the Buyer will get.

Good luck to you!! -

Regards:- Crea8ive_Design

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