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Gig Delivery in Compatable Format


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I bought someone’s gig and when the delivery was made, my mac computer couldn’t read the .rar format. The seller suggested I need download and install ‘Winrar or Winzip’. Am I the only buyer on fiver that uses a mac? I was a bit terse in my reply…

'Hey! You are the seller here. Why can’t you presume that some of your customers do not use windows and deliver your gig in a format that can be opened by anyone. Why should I the customer have to download an install a program that I might only ever use once - just to look at a gig report that I should’ve been able to automatically open if the the seller had done the job right. Are you planning to make every customer with a mac jump through the same hoops over and over when you could’ve just done it once to start with?'

Am I wrong here? I’d like to read some feedback on this subject.

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I think you have a right to expect a compatible format. I am curious however if you informed the seller ahead of time that you are a mac user and to please make sure the format he/she uses is compatible.

Your post does bring to light an issue that cannot be unique. I do all writing pieces and thus far I have not run into anything like this but I will certainly keep it in mind.

At least if you do preempt the problem or warn a seller ahead of time, you can avoid this in the future. I get your point about a seller accommodating the customer, but there is a reason for the term being called “fair warning”.

Just my thoughts and I hope your next experience on Fiverr is a more satisfactory one.



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